True Blessedness

True Blessedness


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday In The Twenty-Seventh Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 11:27-28

Jesus throughout his life had done great mighty and marvellous deed in the world. Many times people were astonished by his deeds and praised God but in today’s gospel passage a woman from the crowd praised Jesus’s mother and the way she brought him up. Immediately Jesus replied to her “ Blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it”

Let’s do the reflection on it.

“Hear the word of God and keep it”:  In the bible there are so many character who kept the word of God throughout their life journey in the world and became blessed for the whole world.

  1. Noah : Noah was instructed by God to build an ark and he obeyed the word of God and work towards it thus he became saviour for his family and saved his family from the flood.
  2. Abraham : when God appeared and asked Abraham to move from his native place he obeyed the word of God and thus he became a father of nation
  3. Mary : when angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and announced the birth of Jesus and his mission she obeyed the word of God thus she became mother of God (Jesus) and the whole world
  4. Apostles : When Jesus had last supper with his apostles and he instructed them to break bread and drink wine in his remembrance and  accordingly in the early Christian community apostles gather every day and remembered the Lord Jesus words and felt his presence also awaited for holy spirit in Jerusalem and received power from above and became an apostles of Jesus mission thus today we got  sacraments and Eucharist

All the above events took place only by keeping the word of God in their heart and Holy spirit guided them on their every steps.

Yes, friends the word of God, ie the Bible has a power to change our lives, change our life cycle, change our circumstances, change our heart and mind, and keep us close to God.

Let’s read the word of God and mediate on it like Mary throughout our life journey in the world.

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