Beelzebul and the Return of the Unclean Spirit


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday In The Twenty-Seventh Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 11:15-26

An empty mind is  the devil’s workshop! We have heard this saying often, especially from our parents or teachers in school, when we were young.  In today’s gospel passage Jesus is accused of being an associate of the evil one.. how shocking!  Yet Jesus responds calmly and explains how their own thoughts will trap them in the hands of the devil. Rather than recognising the power of God in his actions, they seem to attribute it to the devil who would never act against himself. 


We can overcome our weaknesses only with the power of God  provided  we let him take over and engage in building the Kingdom of God. Jesus reasons out with the people that  if  the  unclean spirit  goes out and finds the house in order,  it will circle back and  bring  more  spirits  than before; Sin  is always lurking at the door waiting to creep in.  We have to put on the armour of Christ  and trust him entirely.

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