Jesus Frees A Man With An Unclean Spirit.

0 0 To Read Click Mark 1:21-28   This story talks of Jesus teaching with Authority. What do we understand by this, what is this Authority? Yes he definitely had… Read more

The Beginning Of Jesus’ Ministry

0 0 To Read Click Mk 1:14-20 This Gospel reading is a continuation of Last Sunday’s theme But there is a difference Here John the Baptist is already arrested And… Read more

Wisdom Collecting Disciples

0 0 To Read Click John 1:35–42 Jesus is Wisdom personified He is seeking out disciples But here we are presented with the first two who at the behest of… Read more

The Baptism of the Lord

0 0 Click to Read Mk 1:7-11 There are two individuals who are being spoken of here John the Baptist Jesus Both are exhibiting exemplary humility   John the Baptist… Read more

Wise Men Come Searching and Adore The Lord Jesus

0 0 Click to Read Matthew 2:1–12 Epiphany is the feast during the CHRISTMAS season It celebrates the ADORATION of the new born Christ child by the magi. Epiphany celebrates… Read more