Jesus and the Father

0 0 John 14:7-14 Jesus in verse 6, i.e the verse just before todays reading, has identified himself as the Way – the Truth – the Life. i.e the fullness… Read more

Jesus the Way to the Father

0 0 John 14:1-6   “I am the Way, The Truth and the Life”. What an astounding statement from our Lord! In the background of preparing his apostles for his imminent… Read more

What It Means To Be Jesus’ Disciples

0 0 John 13:16-20   Jesus by His teachings and actually leaving of these teachings presents himself as our model of living. The Beatitude – blessed are you if you… Read more

Belief in Jesus is Belief In God

0 0 John 12:44-50   These words of Jesus are set within the arch of Jesus’ Glory (Passion-Death-Resurrection). In Chapter 11 we have the Raising of Lazarus and the plotting… Read more

The Sheep Belonging to Jesus Recognise His Voice

0 0 John 10:22-30   The Feast of the Dedication celebrated Solomon’s Dedication of the Jerusalem Temple. It marked the time, when the all powerful and omnipresent God-Yahweh, listened to… Read more

Jesus The Good Shepherd And Jesus the Door to Heaven

0 0 John 10:10-11   Have you ever seen a shepherd and the sheep following him from morning to night till they reach their resting place. I am sure you have… Read more
Jesus The Good Shepherd

Jesus The Good Shepherd

2 0 John 10:11-18   Introduction: The Good Shepherd is an iconic image from the Gospel of John. Israel has long waited for its Good Shepherd according to Jewish Messianic… Read more

Bread from Heaven: The Words of Eternal Life

0 0 John 6:60-69 Jesus started his public ministry with teaching and preaching. Many of them were attracted by Jesus’ powerful teaching and followed him. Jesus had many followers, disciples… Read more

Bread from Heaven: The Partakers of the Bread have Life in God

0 0 John 6:53-59 Today’s gospel passage is a part of the Eucharistic discourse given by Jesus in John 6: 51-58. He is referring to his dying on the cross… Read more

Bread from Heaven: Jesus the Bread of Eternal Life

0 0 John 6:44-51   Jesus is the Word made flesh and this Word is the food that we all need. Jesus teaches us with Authority and power, the authority… Read more