The Transfiguration of Jesus

0 0 Mark 9:2-10 The Occasion of this marvellous manifestation of Jesus as Son of God is the Feast of the Booth/Tents It was an important Feast in the Jewish… Read more

Love Like Your Heavenly Father

0 0 Matthew 5:43-48   Lets look at some logic When do we have enemies? When we consider some to be opposing us or against us Or when we don’t… Read more

Concerning Anger

0 0 Matthew 5:20-26   Anger is all about losing Control And one thing leading to another without being aware of the consequences. Anger is meant to make us… Read more

In Prayer Ask, Search, Knock

0 0 Matthew 7:7-12 God is Father And provides us like a Father Are we even remotely qualified to ask? Do we understand the scope, depth and the results of… Read more

The Sign of Jonah

0 0 Luke 11:29-32   The corrupted influence of the Pharisees is yet again on display They have heard of Jesus’ Signs and Miracles Seen some for themselves Have heard… Read more

Jesus Introduces God as ‘Our Father’

0 0 Matthew 6:7-15   What is our image of God Someone standing with a cane to thrash us Someone who is showing us an accusing finger, at all times… Read more

Peter Confesses Jesus as the Christ – Son of God

0 0 To Read Click Matthew 16:13-19     Indeed Jesus is Christ Peter has not understood everything Yet he has received grace to recognise Jesus Recognise Jesus as the… Read more

Jesus’ Temptations and Ministry

0 0 To Read Click Mark 1:12-15 There are many things that the Gospel Evangelists have not stressed. One of these things is the human struggles that Jesus went. Especially… Read more

Jesus Calls Levi

0 0 To Read Click Luke5:27-32     Remember the story of the woman who pours a jar full of Perfume on Jesus This is a mirror of the story… Read more

The Question about Fasting

0 0 To Read Click Matthew 9:14-15     Mark here is trying to teach us a reality The disciples of John the Baptist and the Pharisees fasted in anticipation… Read more