Our Father

Our Father

Who is God? We can call Him Creator, the Originator of everything, the supreme being who controls everything, the terrifying Lord of the cosmos, etc. But those are titles and actions, who is He really? Is He unapproachable? Is He indifferent? The closest that I can get to express who He really is, is that He is Good, he is Love and He is Father.

Jesus Instructs On How To Pray

Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday Of The Eleventh Week In Ordinary Time Matthew 6:7-15 Your Father knows what you need before you ask him. Jesus is encouraging us to build a deeper relationship with our Father, Jesus is teaching his disciples to address God as their Father, they had never heard or known […]

How to Pray

Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday In The First Week In Lent Matthew 6:7-15 Pray is to have a relationship with God. This relationship is not that of friends or the relationship between brothers and sisters. It means to have a relationship with a Father. Let that sink in… In classical society, it is […]

The Lord’s Prayer

Matthew 6:7-15   God is in continues search of a kind and loving heart who genuinely will offer, talk and enter into a relationship with Him, this is the type of prayer offering He is looking for. Our Heavenly Father knows what we need before we ask him, hence this is more that a formula […]

Jesus Introduces God as ‘Our Father’

Matthew 6:7-15   What is our image of God Someone standing with a cane to thrash us Someone who is showing us an accusing finger, at all times Someone who says, my way or the highway Or someone who loves us, because we are his He may not like some of the things we do […]