The Chosen :: Season2 Christmas Special: The Messengers

It is interesting to watch the conversation that could’ve happened between Joseph and Mary when they knew she was with child and Joseph still was betrothed to Mary. Throughout the New Testament Joseph’s words aren’t recorded but his actions are. His obedience to do God’s will, his love to choose to be with Mary and […]

The Chosen :: Season2 Episode 8: Beyond Mountains

This episode opens showing a portion of the Promised Land given to the tribe of Reuben, is in the process of being sold to two businessmen who claim to be from the tribe of Simeon. The businessmen con the owner to sell the land for 49 talents and then speak of signing a covenant Deed […]

The Chosen :: Season2 Episode 7: Reckoning

The episode begins with Atticus warning Quintas about the ever increasing fame of Jesus the Nazareth and that he could be a threat to the Romans. And as the story unfolds, we are shown the disciples fighting over who will go fishing and to decide this, play a rock throwing contest. The sons of Thunder (James and John) win and go ahead to listen to Jesus explaining the importance of the Sermon on the Mount and how it is meant to prepare his disciples.

The Chosen :: Season2 Episode 6: Unlawful

We start with a continuation of the last scene in episode 5 and Matthew is shown insisting on looking for Mary along with Peter. Later Jesus asks Peter to look for Mary and take Matthew along to help him. While the search for Mary Magdalene and her fall from grace are not part of scripture, […]

The Chosen :: Season2 Episode 5: Spirit

This episode begins with Jesse (the lame who was healed by Jesus in Episode 4) being questioned by Shmuel and Yami on his Healing. Their intent is to show Jesus is a false prophet, who has no regard and therefore violated Sabbath rules, and hence required to be persecuted. In the forest we see Simon […]

The Chosen :: Season2 Episode 4: The Perfect Opportunity

In the Gospel of John, the invalid tells Jesus that he has no one to put him in the water, this episode of The Chosen depicts him as having a brother who abandoned him in order to pursue life as a Jewish Zealot. While the Chosen depicts Simon the Zealot as the brother of Jesse, […]

The Chosen :: Season2 Episode 3: Matthew 4:24

The episode opens with Matthew’s desire to know the word of God. He enquires of Philip from where can he begin the Torah. A beautiful exchange of dialogue with Philip reveals to us that to know God, we must believe that he is present here, now and in our hearts. We on the other hand […]

The Chosen :: Season2 Episode 2: I Saw You

The episode opens with Nathaniel losing his job and later he sits under a fig tree to pray. In his prayer he pours out his heart and tells God that his work was an offering to Him, he requests God to answer his prayer and give the reason as to why he lost his job, […]

The Chosen :: Season2 Episode 1: Thunder

The episode opens with the Apostle John interacting with the other disciples and Mary to record their memories of Jesus. When you look back, he met each one of them when they were seeking God, when they were miserable and seeking the Lord for help in their troubled lives, when they had given up! It […]