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Today’s Gospel reading is from the I Am the Bread of Life Discourse from John 6.


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We are defined by who we are and what we desire to be!

Hope & Life

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Coming are a series of Gospel readings, starting today, we cant reflect in light of Good Friday and Easter.

Let Your Will be Done, In My Life

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An apt occasion even as have completed Lent, and have begun Easter. This is the celebration of the incarnation of Jesus, all hinged on Mary’s Yes.


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Faith is the result of a process.

Strength in our Weakness

Imagine the state that Peter is in. He has denied Jesus. Jesus has risen, and meeting everyone, including him, but not saying anything about his denial.

The God Who Walks With Us

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With Jesus’ Incarnation, God pitched His tent with us. To put it differently, He has for good, come to dwell among us, as He so always desired. So if He came to reside with us, where Is He now? Among us, in the Father’s Presence. And the very presence of God is Heaven/Kingdom of God. […]