King David in the First Reading chooses to do as ‘he’ thinks right. He wants to number the people, i.e. take a census. On the surface it looks like a nice decision, but his actions talk differently. His actions now show his transfer of confidence, now not on God, but in the strength of a fighting force he can muster by enlisting able youth in the military. Yahweh as Father, corrects him.

Taking Away The Uncleaness

In the First Reading, continuing from yesterday, the revolt by Absalom against his father David is taking place. David does not want to fight his own Son. But Absalom knows without killing David, there is no legitimate claim to the rulership of Israel.


King David is not a saint, in that he is far worst then King Saul. The only thing that classifies them apart, is their relationship with God. And when David is confronted with the choice of punishment, he rather be taken to task by God, then human beings.

At Last He Sent His Son

With Authority comes power and with power comes responsibility. People can therefore use authority to coerce others or to bring a positive change in others. 

To Be Elected By God

Everyone is called, and everyone is invited to God’s Presence and there become the salt and light of the world, through imbibing the Beatitudes at Jesus’ feet.

Nations and Constitutions

India was a people and a collective, combined with one idea of nationhood, before it became a Republic on 26th January, 1950. The difference between both is that they were united by a desire and intent by the idea of Nationhood. But as a Republic it was clear what this Nation was to be and how they would live this experience in rules and regulations.

Conviction and Proclamation

Today we celebrate St. Paul’s Conversion on the road to Damascus. For some it is a dramatic out of the blue moment, when Jesus revealed Himself to Paul. Others see it as a process; probably begun even as he watched St. Stephen at his martyrdom. It is remarkable, that Saul the persecutor in chief became the leading proclaimer of the faith and the teacher of the faith. These require conviction, and faith. And all these are there to be seen in St. Paul.

Sowing God’s Word

God is steadfast and unshakable in His love of humanity. The Bible is a testament of this. Right from the moment he dreamt humanity, then going on on to create the universe for humanity, creating the garden for humanity’s stay, creating Humanity and giving all creation to it as dowry. Humanity rejecting God in the […]

A Heart Desiring God

In the First Reading we read that David brings the Ark to Jerusalem. When he tried first, due to unproper arrangement and attention, the Ark would have toppled, but Uzzah, reached to steady the Ark, and was stuck dead.

Of Covenant’s and Allegiances

David was anointed to be the successor of King Saul, while Saul was still alive. Saul when he came to know of this, pursued David to kill him. But God always saved David from all fatality. But it was a problem for the people of Israel, whom should they follow, by and large, Israel sided with Saul, because he protected them and was quite successful against his enemies.