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Alleluia! The Lord has Risen indeed. There’s an empty tomb that declares Jesus alive.

Humility and Acceptance

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Humility is highlighted as being a very important quality by Jesus. He comes to the most lowest place in the world to get baptised.

Friendship, Betrayal and God

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Betrayal is nothing new to God, but He is not influenced by it and still remains our Friend, in the truest sense.


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The actions of Mary the sister of Lazarus, can be have 3 reasons.

The Rightful Ruler

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Its Holy Week, where Jesus the King of Creation suffered, was crucified and resurrected. Was Holy Week necessary if the celebration of this Day, Palm Sunday, were genuine to the full limit and all the Jews were there to welcome the King.

The Genius and Humility of God

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A sacrifice to be acceptable was required to be blemish free. Jesus is blameless and free of all wrong doings and perfect in all sense. 


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Denial of Truth is to deny oneself. But definitely, one can choice whether one wants to go with truth or does not want to go with it. But our choices also classify us, in terms of our intentions and character.

Never See Death

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In the beginning of the Bible, it tells/shows us in Genesis that the perfection of human life, as walking with God. If we take that symbolism and develop on it, then not to be able to walk with God means death.