The Question about the Resurrection

The Question about the Resurrection


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday In The Thirty-Third Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 20:27-40

In today’s Gospel the group of the Sadducees approached Jesus and raised a question on resurrection, as they believed there is no life after death. Their Bible consisted only the First Five Books of our Bible. Jesus answer them; after our early life there is life in heaven with heavenly creature. Let’s reflects on Resurrection of life.

As St. Paul says in his letter that our life in this earth is temporary and our permanent home is heaven and we should eagerly groan (meaning desperately desire) for it. There are 3 states of life after death or early life

  1. Life in Heaven
  2. Life in Purgatory
  3. Life in Hell.

Life in Heaven: All the living creature in this Earth come from above (heaven) for the specific purpose or mission on the earth. As we finish our mission, we shall be taken back to heaven and remain as angels forever in the presence of God. In other words, after our earthly life we shall join with Jesus and remain in his presence, and partake his kingship.

Life in Purgatory: It is a place after the death where souls remain for a temporary period, for purification. Souls remain under this state require the prayers and penance from people living on this earth. The importance of the soul under this purification.

Life in Hell: This is a place of eternal suffering. The Soul living under this state will ever remain there, never to be satisfied, that is to come in the presence of God its Creator/Father, and thus be blessed and complete. It is a place of the knowledge of inevitable darkness. Their stay here is permanent.

Our Christian faith stands on the promise of Resurrection. We are all called people of light, and Easter People. Our Lord Jesus Christ redeemed us permanently from darkness by descending into hell and being victorious over evil and death. hence there is no more death or darkness in our life, here now on the earth and the sureness of being taken into Heaven after our death. We can confidently say after completion of our life in the earth we shall live forever with Jesus as angel in heaven. 

Truly, there is life after death which is permanent no one can snatch that life from us. Let’s keep our faith in Jesus and lead our life happily in this confidence here on earth.

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