Jesus Cleanses the Temple


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday In The Thirty-Third Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 19:45-48

Jesus was very focussed throughout his ministry on his mission. He got upset  when he saw the vendors selling coins and doves etc right in front of the temple and reminded them that the temple was a house of prayer. 

Today, we see many places of worship becoming commercial and also attracting commercial interest. What was meant to be a place of quiet and prayer, turns out to be just the opposite.  But these are physical spaces;  our body also is a temple of the Holy Spirit & we need to keep this space sacred. Our minds have to be singly focussed on doing everything that will please God. We have to clean the cobwebs of our minds and open up fully to the Lord!

As we come closer to the season of advent, let us start putting our house in order. 

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