The Parable of the Two Sons


Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday In The Third Week Of Advent

Matthew 21:28-32

This Gospel text is very important. It is a course correction of sorts for the Jewish Nation. They had come back from the Babylonian Exile and reflected on why Yahweh, their God let them be taken into exile. Reading the text of prophets like Jeremiah and Isaiah, they concluded, and rightly so that they had failed to keep the Law. But what they did next was a knee jerk reaction to the truth they had arrived at. They decided keeping the Law in letter was more important than keeping it in Spirit. The Pharisees were a big proponent of this.

Jesus here is saying, God looks at the heart, not at words. At the person one is, rather than what we want to show people we are.

Lets approach God today with who we are. Sit at his feet at chat with Him. He desires this of us…

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  1. Yes we need to sit at the Lord’s feet like Mary and listen to his life-giving words.

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