The Disciples Can Now Approach The Father, In And Through Jesus

The Disciples Can Now Approach The Father, In And Through Jesus


John 16:23b-28


In today’s gospel Jesus encourages his disciples to pray for their needs and wants. He giving them a formula for their prayer ie. Ask the heavenly father in His, Jesus’ name. All prayers made in Jesus name are granted by the heavenly father, that is why our mother church concludes all her prayers by invoking them in Jesus’ name.


Let us reflects on the word “ask and you will receive

Prayer is a powerful weapon on the battle field. Every soldier on the battle field should know how and when to use the weapons with him/her, in order to achieve victory. Similarly we too should know how to prayer in our life’s battles. Different type of people follow different methods of prayer in their life.

  1. Some category of people fervently pray when they are in trouble, after that they give a break to their prayer life until the next trouble or problem arises in their life.
  2. Some category of people do novenas or prayer to receive blessing from God. Once they received the blessing after that no more prayer in their life.
  3. Some people do regular prayer but when they lose loved ones, have loss in business or any other critical moment in their life, they stop praying and start blaming or murmuring against God for their present situation and move away from God.
  4. Some category of people seek intercessory prayer groups or prayer warrior to pray for them to make important decision in their life. But they do not pray and seek God to reveal His will, to themselves. In other words they depend on others to seek God’s will in their life.
  5. Some people are always interceding for others and forgot to pray for themselves and do prayer for their own spiritual growth.
  6. Some use the general words in their words like Lord bless us, protect us etc. without specifying what blessing is needed and they need protection from whom or which area.

Yes, friends we may fall in any of the above categories. Today Jesus encourages to ask anything in His name to the Heavenly Father, who will definitely give it to us. In any and all circumstances we should first freely approach our heavenly father for our needs and guidance. Second, we need to seek prayer support from others. Third, trust in God that he has granted our request because of Jesus Name. Fourth, continue to pray for own selves and for others and their needs. Fifth, always stay positive and give hope to those in despair around you in the world.


Luke 1:37 “For nothing will be impossible with God.”


Do , I ready to devote my time in prayer


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