The Ascension of Jesus


Mark 16:15-20

We are called to be missionaries. All of us baptised Christians are called to live the Gospel rather than just preach it. But are we truly children of God? Have we offered sacrifices as tokens of our love during the mass? Are we open to the promptings of the Spirit so that we can become instruments of God’s salvation? 

We cannot afford to be self-centered in our Spiritual Growth or otherwise. When we focus on ourselves too much we do are never satisfied. The Joy of the Lord and living an abundant enriched life is being able to contribute, making a positive difference in the lives of people, making the Kingdom of God manifest by rooting ourselves in Christ. 

The mission is a difficult challenge if we do not know the Lord. Knowing the Lord, receiving His Holy Spirit will transform our lives. Our lives will influence and transform the world around us. The Kingdom of God will manifest itself through the Holy Spirit working within us. Battling evil, healing the wounded, giving hope to the hopeless, bringing life into a dying world is possible only if you have life within you. You cannot share life to others if you don’t have it in the first place. Accepting Jesus is receiving Life – It’s the Mission Statement for you and everyone else.

With authority from the Father, Jesus has promised to be with us, guide us and fight for us through His Holy Spirit. Let us believe in the promises of His Holy Word and center our lives around Him.

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  1. A good reflection an apt reminder of our mission on Ascension Sunday.

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