The Birth of Jesus the Messiah


Reflection on the Gospel of the


John 1: 1-18

Today is Joyous and a day to remember, God has shown His love and care of us by sharing in our humanity, so we can appreciate, learn and share in His divinity.

Jesus the Word, God and source of life of all humanity, the one who holds aloft the universe, without prejudice, became human, a thing to be reflected upon and pondered, to glean all the treasures it can give us. Treasures of Humility, Love and Choice. I suggest to move closer into a relationship with the Word become Flesh, shed the Merry Christmas, and make merry in the reason of the Christmas. The Bread of Bethlehem came to nourish us with Himself, so we could be filled with God, and become like Him, something we were always created to be, His image and Likeness. This secret of life in God – eternal, is embedded in God’s incarnation – there as today’s reading tells us, the source of Life came and became incarnate (created human flesh), so we could receive the Light of His wisdom, and so feed on it, to partake in eternal life.

Wishing You all a Blessed and Joyful Christ filled season of Christmas!

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