Disciples of Jesus Will Be Persecuted

Disciples of Jesus Will Be Persecuted

Reflection on the Gospel of the Second Day(Monday)
In The Octave of Christmas

The Martyrdom of St. Stephen


Matthew 10: 17-22

To hear this passage immediately after Christmas does not sound too good, persecution for the followers of Jesus.

In this passage Jesus is preparing and warning his disciples after the time of His death, resurrection, and return to heaven, during which His apostles will be persecuted as Christians by Jewish rulers while on the mission to spread the Word of God. Jesus does not hide anything, he is frank in telling them about the trials they would face for being part of his mission.  Jesus gives them a choice to either accept or leave.  But at the same time he assures them that when they accept, they will not be alone, the Holy Spirit will be with them to help speak in front of councils, governors and kings while they are flogged in synagogues and even the family members who are not in the Lord will deliver them to be flogged and tried.

The days are coming even today when we all will face similar situations in our life.  Persecutions are seen amongst our brethren in remote villages and in northern states which are not reported. Inspite of all this we are to continue our work without fear, believing that the spirit of God speaks through Jesus Christ and in order for us to see the glory of the kingdom of God, we must have faith in him and always follow his footsteps with courage and hope. 

Are we ready to take up this task?  Do we still doubt the Holy Spirit.  Let us pray to Jesus to give us the wisdom to take us the right decision and say yes to task given to us.

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