Jesus Calls Levi

Jesus Calls Levi

Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday
After Ash Wednesday


Luke 5: 27-32

Jesus at different occasion called different person for his mission. Out of 12 apostles Peter and Levi (Matthew) were called in the midst of their routine work. Peter and Levi was professionally skilled person and faithful to their work. Levi was appointed by Roman emperor to collect tax on their behalf and paid to King Caesar. He was servant of Romans emperor. He was well famous and wealthiest person in the Jews community but Jews people hated tax collector and considered them as sinner and rejected them. In Jewish community Pharisee and scribes played an important role to uplift the life of Jews people. Their aim is to lead the people in right direction like Moses lead  the Israel people in the wilderness. Thus, they had gang of people to follow their teachings and footsteps. Levi belongs to Levite tribe but due to his work profile he was not honoured in the midst of Jewish community and kept him aside.

Levi was longing to have master to lead him in straight path but nobody was ready to accept him as disciples. He was rejected and hatred by his own people. There is some sort of emptiness in his heart but when he heard the voice of Jesus to “follow me” his heart was filled with joy which lead him to give feast to his fellow men and decided to work with Jesus. When Jesus was accused by Pharisees and scribes for choosing Levi as his disciples he replied them sick need physician and well not. Levi throughout his life time sincerely served for his master. He was the author of gospel Matthew and through scripture he proclaimed in Jewish community and made them to believe Jesus as awaited Messiah. He strongly witnessed about Jesus with scripture quotation from their Torah thus, many people believed and received the salvation through Jesus.

Friends, while reading this passage I understood that God can call anyone at anytime, like Levi in unexpected time God shall call and fulfil his plan on our life like Levi. As we are in the season of lent let’s spend little time with Jesus and give positive response to his call

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