Jesus and the Question about Fasting

Jesus and the Question about Fasting


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday
After Ash Wednesday


Matthew 9: 14-15

We are in the holy season of Lent which is highlighted by Fasting, Penance and Almsgiving. Fasting is a form of self – control also symbolizing mourning or repentance. It helps to purify the heart and expresses an inner hunger for God. 

John’s disciples followed his approach as he was preparing the way for the Lord. He led the life of a recluse and lived a very tough life. While when Jesus went about his ministry, there was no need for fasting they are rejoicing as the Lord himself is with them. 

But soon, Jesus would enter his passion journey and at that time, his disciples  will also mourn and fast as the Jesus   (the bridegroom) will be taken away.

We are encouraged by Pope Francis today to move over the traditional fasting from food and rather fast from anger, our addictions to social media, addictions to our mobiles, gadgets etc. Such fasting will definitely bring us closer to our Lord as we will discover the sweetness of our relationships and the tranquillity of spending quiet time with the Lord. 

Let us invest this time in Lent to fast wisely. 

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