The Temptation of Jesus


Reflection on the Gospel of the First Sunday Of Lent


Matthew 4: 1-11

The temptations of Jesus is today’s Gospel. But why did Jesus go into the desert for 40 days? Well there are many significant details associated with it but we can certainly say that it was a time of preparation for Jesus before he would begin his ministry.
We too are invited into the desert along with Jesus not to be invincible in fighting off every temptation so that we conquer a title of sainthood but to prepare a road map for a better quality of life ahead. We are to reflect on our hearts, our stubborn, hard hearts and give God space to work in our hearts.
So how do we make space for God to work in our hearts? The desert experience of Lent offers us clues… Fasting, praying and alms giving. That’s sacrifice, communicating with God and being generous.
Are we ready for the detox of satisfying our bodily desires, constantly trying to prove ourselves with our ego and amassing power? Will there be a change in our direction? Will Lent be different this time?

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