Wednesday In The Seventh Week Of Easter


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday

In The Seventh Week Of Easter

John 17:11b-19

I love the explanation given in the New Collegeville Commentary in the Gospel of Mark on the parable of the Farmer-the Seed-the Soil. It Brings to fore the Love of God as the one who sows his Word in the World. The Word of God all powerful, effecting every soil (every man) from being wayward soil, to become a soil fruitful – effectively bearing a great harvest.

Now reflect on what Jesus is praying in this Gospel Passage in his last moments, in the Garden of Gethsemane after the Last Supper. He is not praying for himself, but for those he loves – his Disciples. He has always been praying for them and protecting them in the power and authority given to him by the Father in Heaven. Now he has to move on to the Cross, Resurrection and Ascension. He knows the disarray the disciples are going to be in. So he prays for them, and makes an interest statement; ‘I have given them your word.’ (John 17:14). Effectively what Jesus is saying is that, I have set the true image of You Father, in them by explaining who you truly are – ‘Abba’, not the distorted and mangled view (in some ways) that was prevalent around Palestine of God-Yahweh. Jesus has helped them understand scripture from the view of God, not any human perspective. Yes it may have not sunk in correctly and deeply as yet, but the seed has been sown. ‘Now Father,’ Jesus addresses the Father, ‘nurture this seed and let it bear fruit. The Seed needs your help to really bring to fruit these your children, who are going to work in your Vineyard. Let Truth be the rudder/the guiding force in their lives, so that they always remain close to you.’

Pray and ask the Father to baptise yourself in His Truth. That the true image of God gets branded on your heart, that you get endowed with His wisdom and be fruitful in His Vineyard. Start yearning and placing this desire before Him. This Sunday/Pentecost, God will bless you, because he is waiting to lavish you with Himself. Pray, ‘Come Holy Spirit.’

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  1. Jesus said this prayer —–not at Gethsamene, but at the Last Supper .

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