Jesus Prays For All


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday

In The Seventh Week Of Easter

John 17:20-26

Jesus is in the midst of fervent prayer, He is praying to the Father for us, that we may be one with him, as the Father and He are one. He prays for us to receive His power and authority, so that we may be One with Him. He is praying to The Father that we be known to the world in the same way that He is known; that people see The Father’s love in Jesus, and that His and the Father’s love be seen through us. Have we not received this union and oneness if Jesus is praying for us? Jesus wishes for us to be united and one with him. where are we falling short ? What are we doing wrong? Are we willing to do the right thing? We must strive to make the Father’s and Jesus’ love visible through our actions and words. Since Jesus desired that this Love blessing be bestowed on us, we must believe that we have received it. We must express it. We must be willing to share the Father’s Love that we have within us with everyone. To all, the love of Unity and the Trinity. Jesus’ prayers for others, let us receive this authority and power of praying for others and similarly lift it to all for his glory. We need to give this love to others that the Father has given to us since the beginning of time. Holy Spirit, help us with the gift to pray for others and help us to live in unity.

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