True Blessedness

True Blessedness


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday

In The Fourth Week Of Easter

(Feast: Our Lady of Fatima)

Luke 11:27-48

Kindness, Challenge, Assertiveness….. these are the thoughts that pop up while reading today’s gospel passage. When a child continues to behave badly inspite of repeated warnings and admonitions, the parents finally make the child sit down and give him/ her a piece of their mind! Jesus seems to be in a similar frame of mind giving stern and apt examples of the stubbornness and blindness of the people. 

The people are continuously asking for signs but fail to recognise the wisdom from Jesus’ teachings. They are non – repentant with their foolish mindsets as the eye is not sound to see the light in Jesus. Their spiritual blindness diminishes the light within and creates more darkness and they cannot see the truth, they cannot recognise the Son of God. By turning a blind eye/ deaf ear to the injustices around us, we are partaking of the wrong doings and abetting them. 

Privilege and Responsibility go together – They had the privilege of seeing and meeting Jesus, hence they were responsible to follow his teachings and change. The frustration and reprimand comes from a loving and caring shepherd who wants to save and protect his flock. 

Do we see the light and seek his wisdom? Are we giving importance to justice and brotherly love instead of empty rituals? Are we ready to clean ourselves from within? 

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