Abide In Jesus Love

Abide In Jesus Love


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday

In The Fourth Week Of Easter

(Feast: St. Matthias)

John 15:9-17

In the Gospel of John there are a total of 7 “I AM” statements of Jesus. Today’s gospel reading is part of one of these “I AM” statement, ie. ‘I am the true vine‘. Jesus is the true vine and we are to be the branches of this vine. Out of love Jesus continuously calls each one of us to abide in him and bear fruit in society. Jesus the master always choses his servant from the world’s rejected list or what world considers as worthless, useless, unqualified or unsuccessful, for his mission and makes them shine gloriously. 

The Chosen one abides in Jesus: 

One who is chosen by Jesus should follow the commandment given by Jesus ie  “Love one another as I loved you” so that he /she abides in Jesus to bear fruits. It is a demand from Jesus to his servant to serve people like him. It is an easy commandment at the same time difficult to follow or practice it in our life. The times when we are betrayed by our own people or beloved one. The times when we hear false accusation against us. The times when our loved ones are taken away from us. At such times we are completely broken and forget to abide in Jesus. Jesus the true master understands our weakness and prunes us and cleanses us and strengthens us and helps us to abide in him. Jesus fills us with his love and makes us his own, and helps us to share the same love with all.

Yes, friends always abides in Jesus. When we abide in him, his grace is sufficient for us to face all the challenges in life and perceiver in the mission given to us. Jesus trains / prepares us well in advance for his work just like he trained his disciples. As per our calling, our the training period and place may, but our trainer remains the same. Thus every body is called to build God’s kingdom in the world. For building God’s Kingdom, many are called but only a few respond and work for it. Am I in the list of those who have responded?

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