Jesus Prophesies His Betrayal and Death

Jesus Prophesies His Betrayal and Death


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday

In The Fourth Week Of Easter

John 13:16-20

God is Love, God has chosen us, and each of us has a unique role and set of responsibilities in life. and He adores each and every one of us. The one who ate my bread has lifted his heel against me, Judas is mentioned in all four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles, Jesus was well aware of Judas’ betrayal, and his actions, this was a part of God’s saving plan as well. How do we perceive Judas? How do we see Jesus’ other disciples? How do we currently perceive our leaders and neighbours? They are strategically placed in our lives to work for His Glory. Are we prepared to accept them? Help me, Holy Spirit, to be humble and to be your messengers. Help me, Holy Spirit, to be humble messenger of your Love

P.S.: A short poem on Judas from the Middle Ages…

The Kernel of Christianity

Judas, if true love never ceases
How could you, my friend, have come to this:
To sell me for thirty silver pieces
And betray me with a kiss?

Judas, remember what I taught you,
Do not despair while hanging on the rope.
It’s because you sinned that I have sought you;
I came to give you hope.

Judas, let us pray and hang together,
You on your halter, I upon my hill.
Dear friend, even if you loved me never,
You know I love you still.
<Author Unknown>

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