The Rejection of Jesus at Nazareth

The Rejection of Jesus at Nazareth


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday
In The Twenty-Second Week Of Ordinary Time


Luke 4: 16-30

In today’s Gospel Passage at one hand is Jesus proclaim his manifesto to the world, starting here at His home town, and at the other end of the passage is His rejection by family and friends (that what villages and towns were in Jesus’ time).

Jesus’ manifesto speaks of God’s faithfulness and following up on His promise to unite humanity to Himself. There Jesus proclaims the Jubilee – the time of Kairos (the moment of grace). In Old Testament times; the Jubilee was celebrated every 50 years. Property sold was returned to its rightful descendant, slaves were given freedom, debts were forgiven, the land was given rest. It was a time to depend of God and trust His friendship and providence. But Jesus’ Kairos is ongoing, still in effect. It is not too late to repent and accept our wrong ways, accept our fallibility, and God’s faithful love of us, as we are, and enter into a relationship with him.

Nazareth is sceptical, because they assume they know everything there is to know, about the Jewish faith, the Law and also of Jesus. He grew up among them, His parent were probably not highly educated, nor He tutored under any rabbi. So what is the source of this Jesus’ fame and teaching. They failed in their assessment of who Jesus is, not because of anything, but because they themselves lacked a relationship with Jesus. And where there is no God, there is fear and guilt, and pride for self-defence and survival. Away with Him – Away with Him. But His time had not yet come…

Introspect, what do you desire in life the most. Jesus or life, or both. There is no place for both.

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