The Cross and Self-Denial

The Cross and Self-Denial


Reflection on the Gospel of the Twenty-Second Sunday
In Ordinary Time


Matthew 16: 21-27

Know the mind of God… In our day to day mundane struggles we are caught up with planning, executing things our way. We are limited in our thinking because we think about ourselves first. Peter was also the same, he seen Jesus as the Messiah but a Messiah who would be Ruler of Israel over turning the Romans and perhaps a minister in the Royal court of Jesus. So when Jesus declares that his mission is to die, Peter is reluctant to accept the mission and wants Jesus to reconsider.
Knowing the mind of God isn’t easy but it is necessary.  It is a significant process of spiritual growth. Knowing the mind of God, his purpose and his plans for our lives is discernment. It involves commitment to/in a relationship with God. Doing the difficult things to grow in virtue. Can we trust God? Or like Peter fail to understand his plans for us?
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