The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree (Repent or Perish)


Reflection on the Gospel of the Third Sunday Of Lent

Luke 13:1-9

Although the message for today’s Gospel of repent or perish is straightforward, one must pay close attention to the details. Yes, the fig tree does represent you and me. We are planted to bear fruit and yet do we really bear fruit? If we do bear fruit, is it sweet or tasteless? The truth lies in the nourishment and care given by the gardener. Are we consuming good nourishment? Or are we rejecting good nourishment for sub-standard nourishment? We have a good gardener who continues to take care of us and we need to be open to his will, even though at times the trimming and the pruning might be painful. God does not abandon his people. He continues to wait patiently for us, encouraging us toward repentance so that we may bear good fruit.

Just as the fig tree has been given a period of grace, we too have been given an opportunity right now to reflect on our life, repent for our mistakes, make amends and choose a relationship with God through His Spirit. We may never be perfect but accepting our mistakes, asking for forgiveness and trying to be better with some fruits rather than no fruit at all is what the Lord seeks from us.