The Boy Jesus in the Temple

The Boy Jesus in the Temple


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday

In The Second Week In Lent

(Solemnity: St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

Luke 2:41-51a

Out of the four Gospels, only the Gospel of Luke narrates about Jesus’ birth and childhood. Today’s passage covers not only the tradition followed by Holy Family, but also covers the teaching of the Law, learnt by Jesus. As a custom Mary and Joseph took Jesus to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. Jesus observed all the things that took place at a Passover feast. After the feast everybody sets on their journey home, but Jesus remains in the Jerusalem Temple, and was eagerly listening to scripture. Mary and Joseph restlessly searching for Jesus find him after 3 days in the temple, sitting among the scholars and asking them questions, getting the Clarity on the Law followed by Jews people. The scholars were astonished and amazed at Jesus’ understanding and listening skill. Let’s reflect on the word “Mary kept all these things in her heart.”

In our life we all keep all precious moments or events, recorded and save on CDs, Pen-drives and love to see those moments again and again. Similarly, Mary too recorded these events in her heart and shared these with the apostles, who in turn wrote them down, and we know these today as scripture/Bible. There is a link between Jesus’ Passion, Death and Resurrection in this passage. 

  1. The Passover feast was celebrated in Jerusalem, just as Jesus’ passion also would take place in Jerusalem. 
  2. A lamb was slaughter by the people in commemoration and remembrance of the freedom given by God to Israel from Egyptian slavery. In completion of this symbolism of the paschal lamb, Jesus would be was killed and die on the cross, thus becoming the everlasting Pascal Sacrifice  taking away the sin of the World and thus redeeming it.
  3. Jesus was missing for 3 days and found in the temple sitting among the scholars. In the same way Jesus would be buried in the belly of the earth for 3 days and be resurrected on 3rd day to sit at the right of the Almighty Father.
  4.  Jesus confessed to Mary, ‘did you not know that I must be in my father’s home,’ so also after his resurrection he was permanently seated in his father home, and sent the Holy Spirit to  lead the Apostles.


As Mary kept all these events in her heart today we are able to understand the mystery of Jesus missing and being found in Temple. 

Few learning from Mary’s life.

  1. We too bring up our children and family in both tradition and scripture.
  2. Make our children to follow our customs and keep the traditions.
  3. Do not make our heart like a dustbin filled with all sorts of things, including anxiety and worries.
  4. Record only the sweet moments of your life and share them others so that them may grow in faith.

This season of Lent, let’s pray to the Holy Spirit to register only the good and fruitful things in our heart, and ready us to forgive and forget all the bitter experiences in our life.

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