The Holy Spirit As Truth And Guide


Reflection on the Gospel of


John 16:12-15

Jesus is the way and the source of life. He is the eternal truth. Everything else is temporary. But for us mere mortals thinking of heavenly things isn’t easy to take in, digest and assimilate. To experience God seems to be a distant finishing line or is it?
It is the Spirit of God that gave us great saints, prophets, anointed men and women of God who became martyrs for their faith and simple ordinary followers that built faith filled community foundations. None of these were great event managers or planners. They were just open to the promptings of the spirit.
They were consoled in desperate situations, received strength and help in unexpected ways. Our aim isn’t to plan great things but to do little things with great love always conscious of the working of the spirit in our lives in the little ways, blessings and opportunities.

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