The Healing Ministry of Jesus

The Healing Ministry of Jesus


Matthew 8:5-17


In this passage we see Jesus’ empathy for his people.

  1. He understands the need of the Centurion, and does not allow social class, thought or differences from becoming a tripping point.
  2. When he enters Peter’s house, he sees a need and extends his hand to heal Peter’s Mother-in-Law.
  3. Jesus later in the day accommodates a huge crowd that lines up to be healed.

And equally we see great Faith at work…

  1. First the Centurion, who shows us the type of faith we need to approach God with – knowing who Jesus is and that we can believe and trust in him, without the slightest hesitation.
  2. In Peter’s mother-in-law also we see faith. She see’s the power of God in her life. She accepts Jesus as Lord, and responds by immediately waiting on Jesus.
  3. The Crowds seek not a sign, but they approach Jesus because of their need for healing, They are not worthy, but still Jesus stretches out his hand to heal. He blesses them, that they may open themselves to God, like Peter’s Mother-in-Law, and graduate to a mature faith like that of the Centurion.

The key point in this passage is that these people had faith at some level regarding, Jesus and God-Father, and that is why they were well placed to receive the benefit of healing. A little later, Jesus will visit Nazareth, and there he will not be able to impart healing, because these people had disbelief and closed minds to the possibility that Jesus was the Messiah.

We can never acquire faith overnight. It is a process of experiences that fills us with affirmative assurance of Jesus’ goodness and deity. And he means well for us personally. Let us approach him, and ask him to bless us with experiences of him, that we may grow in faith.

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