Jesus Cleanses a Leper


Matthew 8:1-4


In his 3 years of public ministry, Jesus went about healing the deaf, dumb, blind, crippled and even the lepers. Leprosy was a dreaded disease and associated with the state of sinfulness, like a curse. The infected person would go through a lot of humiliation and was shunned by society. But the leper who came to Jesus believed that he could be healed and trusted the Lord; he submitted himself to God’s will. Jesus also in his hour of agony submitted himself to God’s will. 

In our lowest moments, when we have exhausted our human limits of understanding and thinking we finally give ourselves in the Lord’s hands and then suddenly, the whole burden is lifted, we feel light and feel a renewed sense of hope; we are healed! Only when we open ourselves completely to the Holy Spirit to take charge that we experience true freedom! Let us make this our daily effort, to submit ourselves to God’s will every day and ask him to guide our every step.

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