Some Greeks Wish to See Jesus & Jesus Speaks about His Death


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday Of The Fourth Week In Ordinary Time

John 12:20-32

Today’s passage is set in the background of Jesus coming closer to his hour of passion and death. 

He has just been welcomed with palm branches and happy cries calling him ‘King of Israel’; not the valiant victorious king but a humble, true king whom the prophets had spoken of, ‘the Lamb of God’.

He gets the message from his apostles that the Greeks have come to see him, and Jesus then foretells of his death and resurrection. The example of the grain of wheat is a beautiful example of how the grain post its dying in current form, is transformed into a whole new form of life bearing fruit!

To follow Jesus is a calling to discipleship in his footsteps, a complete surrender to his divine call “lose ourselves’ to face challenges and bear the burden for righteousness  to find ourselves with him, rising n glory.   

Are we ready to follow our calling and draw ourselves closer to our Lord, crucified on the cross?

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  1. A good reflection.The last paragraph and the question at the end need to be pondered prayerfully.

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