The Mission of the Twelve


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday Of The Fourth Week In Ordinary Time

Mark 6:7-13

People were still chasing and following Jesus from far and near for healing and Blessings, Jesus now delegates his Mission and sends out his twelve disciples with special training and instructions empowering them to break the Word. Knowing that He was rejected by his own. Jesus takes extra efforts in preparing his disciples in situations when they will be rejected; what to bring, what to wear, what to eat, where to stay, and what to do in extreme cases. The important part of the preparation was not to worry about worldly things and be depended on humans, but trust in Gods providence. The Disciples embarked on this Journey and returned successfully. Here we see the key is obedience. The Disciples were humble, willing to learn, trusted, accepted and executed the Word, are we ready for the same mission given to us today. Holy Spirit help us as we work in your kingdom and are dependent on your care.

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