Jesus Feed the People


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday Of The Fourth Week In Ordinary Time

Mark 6:30-34

Jesus trained his disciples and sent them for mission in pairs. Disciples after finishing their first missionary are returned to Jesus and shared their experience of teaching, preaching and healing. As a caring and sensible master Jesus knows that his disciples are exhausted and need break from their work. He suggested them to go to desolate place and take rest. Let’s reflects on word “ rest a while”

Here rest does not meant to remain lazy instead asking disciples to recharge their battery and ready for next phase of missionary. All our electronic equipment require charging or replace battery so that it can function effectively similar our physical and spiritual body require to be charged time to time to do our work more  effectively. Like disciples we too need to go for desolated place and take rest ie. Spending time with Lord and get strength from him. Sometimes when we are working continuously towards any  official work, business work, and God’s work lead us exhausted and make us to give up the work. Today Jesus suggesting us to take rest a while so that we can able to do our work more effectively and bear fruit. It does not meant to escape from our responsibility instead showing us a way to focus on our Own self and continuity of the work entrusted to us. Always remember we are precious pearls in the hands of God and He cares for us more than anyone in the world and He knows how, when and where to put the precious pearl so that others will be blessed in the world through us.

Let’s reflect on our own self and think whether Lord asking me to take rest or wanting me to continue the work.

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