Prudence and Faithfulness

Prudence and Faithfulness


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday In The Thirty-First Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 16:9-15

Through today’s Gospel passage Jesus is sharing 3 important message to us.

  1. Jesus invites us to make use of our material possessions wisely and prudently
  2. Jesus invites us to remain faithful to the work entrusted to us
  3. Jesus invites us to serve God. Let’s reflects on each message.

In the beginning of the world, God blessed Adam and made him steward of creation, thus everything on the earth are under human control. We receive material blessing not only by our own efforts but also the hand of God is always there, blessing us. We should use it wisely for the benefit of our own self and betterment of society. Wealth piled up on this earth will perish as by moth, rather make use of wealth and pile up spiritual wealth in heaven, so that God will be pleased with our works.

Secondly, whatever may be our position and power in society, work place, family and in the Church, we should be humble and respect that position and work faithfully. For eg. If we are appointed as clerks in at work, then accept that role and do the work with full knowledge and skill so that we shall be rewarded in later. But usually instead of working hard we murmur within ourself, being dissatisfied of many things,  in such a disposition we cannot see any progress in our current position.  Be faithful in the small work or position assigned to you, so that God can trust you and give you greater work and a higher position.

Thirdly, decision making is the most important part in our life. Decide to serve God and work hard for building God’s kingdom on the earth so that God will build our own family and there won’t be anything lacking in our family. If we decide to serve for wealth then one day it will vanished and whatever we earn through wealth like, fame, position, power, honor shall be taken away/vanish from us and people will start treating us as normal person, hence chose to serve God so that your name will be written in heavens book and you remain forever in God’s presence.

Friends, take the decision with the help of the Holy Spirit’s guidance, so that we remain faithful to our work and make use of material possession for building God’s kingdom on the earth.

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