The Parable of the Dishonest Manager


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday In The Thirty-First Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 16:1-8

Honesty, Integrity, Prudence – these  values come out loud in today’s gospel passage. Jesus ‘ message to us is to choose wisely when faced with a difficult situation. While choosing between God and wealth, we have to be able to discern to use our wealth wisely and prudently to enhance the life of the others around us also. Only through sharing our wealth can we be enablers to spread the Kingdom of God. We are only stewards, the Lord is the real Master and, we are accountable to our Master. 

We have   seen a similar message in the parable of the Talents, the one who  works hard and gives back more received more rewards, while the one who did not use his Talent, even that  one talent was taken away. We are blessed  with time, wealth, health and talents in different ways. We have to make use of these resources in such a way that we procure wealth in heaven! 

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