Jesus Teaches with Authority

Jesus Teaches with Authority


Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday
In The First Week Of Ordinary Time


Mark 1: 21b-28

Today’s Gospel speaks of the AUTHORITY of Jesus, which was not found in anyone prior to Jesus. The same power that enabled Jesus to drive out demons is also present in Him when He preaches and teaches.

So, even today though not physically present, Jesus’ power through His word, in the Bible is available for each and every one of us. Whenever, His word is heard, read or claimed by us, His power and authority is there to provide divine help to every request made by us.

Yet when we pray, we assume that we have to beg Jesus to respond. We get mad at the people, who stand in the way of the answers to our prayers. We worry how and when our prayers will be answered. Isn’t this a faithless way to pray!

So, can we change a bit and instead of telling Jesus what kind of help we need, let us pray IN His authority. That would mean let Him decide how and when and through whom our prayers should be answered.

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