Jesus Heals Many at Simons House

Jesus Heals Many at Simons House


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday In The First Week Of Ordinary Time


Mark 1: 29-39

Today’s gospel reading gives us an idea of how Jesus lived His ministry. We read how Jesus HEALS Simon’s mother-in-law and everybody who was brought to Him that day. He CAST OUT demons. He went about PREACHING the next day throughout Galilee. I want to remind all of you of the last day of a Retreat when its time to go home. During the retreat, we experience the mercy and forgiveness of God through the preaching of the Word of God. With the help of counselling and confession, we recommit ourselves and feel like we are going on a mission to cleanse the whole world. We look at the Priests, religious and laity who have been ministering to us and say “Wow, what a life these people are living It’s Heaven on earth. ‘I don’t want to go home.’ I will stay here and be part of this life changing ministry. My sins are washed and I am filled with the Holy Spirit so now I can preach to those who come after me.”

My dear family in Christ, atleast the thought of not leaving the retreat house crosses our minds. But what happens after we come home and the honeymoon period is over and we are back to our old ways? Most of you will agree when I say that the reason for this fading of desire to serve is because we lack a relationship with the Master, Our Lord and Saviour who is our model and source for all love and service.

In todays gospel we read how Jesus goes to a deserted place early in the morning to pray. If Jesus, who is God, feels the need to be with His Father to talk to God, to reflect and discern, to be renewed and through this relationship He shares with God, he is able to make decisions of proper growth of God’s Kingdom, then how much do we need to be in union with and be in a relationship with Him?

My dear fellow travellers, as we journey together to our eternal home, to be with Jesus, let us not forget to remain in Him through prayer and discernment so that we are ready to spend eternity with Him through our ministry.

Jesus Our Lord, just as you remained in your Father, may we be always be united and remain in You and to be able to serve God/You in love and humility. Amen

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