Jesus Stills the Storm

Jesus Stills the Storm


Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday

Of The Thirteenth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 8:23-27

We see in today’s Gospel, Jesus and his child-like faith in God. He is not anxious and definitely there is no worry in his heart. Therefore he was enjoying sound sleep. The disciples on the other hand, like Martha (the sister of Mary and Lazarus), are anxious. If they knew God and trusted God at this point in their life, they would have been singing and praising Him. But such faith is not got overnight. We need to continually come before God and engage/talk with Him everytime, every moment. Don’t compartmentalise God for the time you sit to pray or when you are in church. Jesus’ faith as a human (incarnate) required him to develop his faith with God-Father. And only with him learning to trust God did he learn that God as being Good, will never fail Him, and never let anything happen to him before time and will always keep him safe.

Many of us like Martha, though we know who God is, have not grown into trusting Him, because we have failed to cultivate a relationship with Him. The situation is like this:

  • There are problems in our lives.
  • We may be able to solve them or we may not be able to solve them
  • If we can solve them – do the needful
  • If we cannot solve them – don’t waste time fretting/being anxious over it.

We fall no where in this process, because we get paralysed into worry is such scenarios. But life is God is very much like this, there are times he brings us to problems and we can solve and learn more from him. And there are times he wishes us to be formed in spirit, truth and trust of him, and therefore there are no solutions immediately available to us. But these are times when we fall back on our previous experiences of our good God, and enjoy the moment he is taking us through. He never takes us through experiences where he is not present and leading us. Jesus knew that God was with them in the boat, and therefore he was confidently asleep. And then at the panic of his Apostles, because he was cool and calm inside, he sensed his Father asking him to command the storm to be still. In such a situation, we will think a 100 times, whether to even murmur to the storm. But Jesus’ faith was the result of his relationship with God. Be Still!

We may think; is our faith so much as to calm the sea, or to even to sleep through a storm. But do not get anxious, learn to wait on God, build your trust in him and therefore acquire faith. Remember these very Apostles went on and did great miracles and taught like Jesus. To arrive at that point, start today, and travel the one-day-at-a-time process… Ask the Holy Spirit to help and guide you and make this a possibility.


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