Would-Be Followers of Jesus


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday

Of The Thirteenth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 8:18-22

Today’s reading is parallel to yesterday’s reading. The theme is the same and the message is the same, i.e. the single-minded pursuit of God, even to the extent of neglect of loved ones and family. This neglect comes off un-charity like. Neglect of family comes un-God like and opposing the command to honour Father and Mother. If we are stuck from proceeding further because of this, we have missed another message in Matthew 6:33 – Where Christ urges us to seek Him/God, and everything that pertains us, he will add/give to us. Yes that is God’s responsibility.

Just yesterday, I say how God works out things in our lives, in the context of a friend, when we desire to place Him first, even the trivial of problem he replaces, even if we forget to ask God to solve it.

Yesterday and today as I write this reflection, the thought that is coming to me is the covenantal relationship that God is inviting each of us, with himself. This is best described by Marriage, where each partner is called to surrender to the other, and seek to only please the other totally. This is the relationship God is urging us into. Here on a side note, I would invite you, to read St. John Paul II’s, The Theology of the Body. And the lessons he presents to us in this book will change your perspective of your God relationship forever. Do not be afraid about pursuing relationship with God, yes he will demand and take all your dreams and desire, not to trample on them, but to sanctify them, give them a proper God and Self-perspective and present them anew to us…. Yes, our God who is good cannot trample and disregard people and their feeling and desires, but will sanctify them…

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