Jesus has overcome the world


Jesus has overcome the world

Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday
In The Seventh Week Of Easter


John 16: 29-33

After finishing the Passover meal and Judas leaving the team, Jesus had started preparing the 11 Apostles for the events to happen and also his leaving them and going to the Father and most importantly that they would not be left alone, but Jesus would send the helper, the third person of the trinity, the Holy Spirit to guide them.  We see this from John Chapters 14 to 16.  Do spend time reading it again and again and meditating on the teachings.

Though the Apostles said they could understand what Jesus was speaking, Jesus knew that all this was not understood by the Apostles fully, but he had to tell them as there was very less time remaining for him to go through the passion and death and was aware how they would be feeling, lost and hopeless.  

He was trying to tell them though all things that will happen to Jesus would not be pleasing to watch, there is hope as even when he will be left alone to suffer and bear the pain, His Father will be with him, and this will give him peace even in the worst moment of his life.

Similarly, Jesus wants us to know, that we are never alone, He and his Father, that is God Almighty never leaves us alone in all times, good and bad.  When we go through the trials of life, the Father feels the pain more than us as you know we are the apple of his eye.

Never feel lonely in our lives, many a times we move away from God and forget to thank and praise Him in our good times, we take all credit to ourselves and when in trouble we ask God, where is He.

Let us pray to God our Father to help us read the words from the bible and understand as Jesus wants us to.  We pray that we are not troubled in our trials but believe that He is working for our good so that we are polished and come out shining after every trial.

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