Jesus Prays for His Disciples

Jesus Prays for His Disciples

Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday
In The Seventh Week Of Easter


John 17: 1-11a

Once again in today’s gospel Jesus speaks from the depths of his heart. He tells us of the Father’s love for him and his love for his Father, who is the heart and core of his very being. The Father’s love continues to be with him right to the end, even to the Cross, to the point of giving his all, his life.

Notice that Jesus is praying for those who belong to him. He is praying for you and me. He asks the Father to protect you and me. We can trust that the prayer of Jesus for you and me will be answered. We can rely on this prayer at every moment in our life. We are surrounded by the protection that Jesus has prayed for. All we need to do is quietly/humbly hold on to this truth.

Eternal life is not just for heaven, but it is here and now. Jesus wants us to have that eternal life and describes what that life is: to know God and to know Jesus. As we grow in knowledge of God we begin to taste in the eternal life Jesus promises.

As we read through today’s gospel and hear Jesus speaks directly to his Father, let us hear his words slowly and with reverence, allowing them to enter into our heart. Because to hear Jesus with our heart and be in touch with Him, is to be in touch with a rich and full eternal life that all of us seek for.

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