Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene

Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene


Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday

Within Easter Octave

John 20:11-18

According to customs, Mary and the other women arrive at the tomb early Sunday Morning. Then the spectacle of the empty grave, the Apostles are informed and Peter and John investigate. Yet Mary persists at the Grave.

One thing to note is the Resurrection that Jesus spoke about was immediate, visible and permanent. It was unlike the concept of everyone being brought back from Sheol (place of the dead) on the Last Day, for the Final Judgement. So everyone was totally unprepared to encounter such a resurrection. So a certain amount of disbelief was natural. In this sense Mary of Magdala is mooning, Jesus’ body needs to be properly embalmed and given proper permanent rest. That is the custom, that is how everything needs to be done… she pleads with the Gardener, she sees near the tomb, possibly he knows where they have hidden or put aside the body of Jesus.

This case of Mary of Magdala, is the story of all of us. We are blind and limited in our ways of seeing and perceiving the truth. God then reaches out to us, and calls out to us by our Name, in this case Mary. And she instantly recognises Him. “My Teacher”, she shouts in recognition. All clouding of the mind is gone, the eyes now see perfectly and the sorrow and grief is replaced by joy and peace.

May Jesus abide in you today, as in the case of Mary, filling you with Joy and Peace! This is the meaning of Easter! Discarding of all previous ways of thinking and living. Receiving the Peace and Joy Jesus imparts to his Church by Him being raised to Life, and living this Peace and Joy everyday, because Jesus is with us and among Us, alive and living. The Help very much at Hand. Believe this!

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