The Report of the Guard


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday

Within Easter Octave

Matthew 28:8-15

The first three verses speak of the women who have gone to embalm Jesus receive in Good News of Jesus being raised to Life. This attitude in turn opens them to see and receive the risen Jesus in their life.

The rest of the passage again is dwelling on the same theme. The Good News is made known to the guards, though they were petrified, they must have still been there; seen the angel, and heard his words. Have they accepted it… I doubt it. Hence their closedness of heart, mind and spirit towards this Good News, stops them from seeing and experiencing the Risen Jesus Christ.

Desire then to be like those women. You have heard the Good News. Will you believe? Do not sit on the fence. make the choice. If you do believe, great and wonderful things will start taking place in your life.

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