The Walk to Emmaus


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday

Within Easter Octave

Luke 24:13-35

Today’s Gospel is a well known story from Luke’s gospel and well loved. And Jesus is shown reaching out to two of his disciple who are leaving the Jerusalem. They are confused with everything that has happened these past days. In their grief and sorrow, all hope dashed they cannot seem to make sense or understand. Much difficult is this new tale of Jesus being resurrected. And here is Jesus reaching out to them, just like he did to Mary of Magdala. Here his voice is not recognised, not him, there is a reason. He is instructing them to believe logically based on Scripture. He builds his case and then in the breaking of the bread they understand Jesus’ Messiahship as the Lamb God provided – i.e. Himself to take away the sin of all the world. And now they recognise Jesus the Son of God before them.

There are clues in this passage to guess who those two travellers were, but Luke’s concern is for the reader to understand a few things. This story is of the Risen Lord Jesus, taking care of His Own, watching over them, and helping them not to stumble. He is going to be ever present amongst them, doing precisely this. And he gives us a clue to this. God walked with Adam and Eve in the Garden, now God joins humanity in its travel here on Earth, taken away is the shame of not having God in his life. God has come back where He needs to be with humanity. That is why Luke takes this Resurrection Story, from amongst many, to narrate to us this marvellous truth.

Do you believe? Believe because know this truth. Don’t be disheartened with what is happening in your life, shift your gaze, look around you, Jesus is there, put your hand forward and ask Jesus to take it in His and come into your life. And care for you as he cared for these two who were on their way to Emmaus.

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