Bread from Heaven: The Jews Ask for a Sign

Bread from Heaven: The Jews Ask for a Sign


John 6:30-35

The Peace that passes all understanding is to do with who we are and what we are called to be. When we accept both and understand our own shortcomings with regards to them, then we will truly be on our way to Peace Everlasting in God’s Presence. But the in-between time, between knowing our calling/vocation and its actualisation, is our journey of being perfected. The perfecter is Jesus, and he leads us personally in this perfection process. 

Us Christians, are in this perfection process, i.e the daily challenges of life. And this process is not easy, here are all sorts of distractions, confusing questions to answer and problems to solve. But God has not left us unaided is this. He communicates to us daily. But the question is do we have the eyes and ears that notice God talking to us and offering his guidance.

Jesus the Bread come from heaven, comes to help us in many ways. We can directly approach and meet him in Prayer, visit Heaven on earth, in and through the Eucharist, open the Bible and read. Jesus comes to us in  a specific way as our Creator and Provider in the Eucharistic Celebration in the form of his Body and Wine. The Bod and Blood represent the Covenant Jesus made with Humanity, to save it, to recreate it in the image of God and also provide for it physically, emotionally and in its struggles.

The reference  Bread can be connected to two important events in the Bible;

  1. The Exodus Event, where God provided Manna for the Israelites in the desert, when they complained of availability of no food in the Sinai Desert. 
  2. Jesus’ First Temptation, which is a response to Israel’s complaints of no food in the Exodus Event.

Here then Jesus is saying and refocusing our energies; he is telling us that we need only believe and prioritise our relationship with Jesus and nothing else. The rest is God’s responsibility, of making our efforts bear fruit. satisfying our wants and desires, filling colour in our colourless dreams and expectations. And more importantly, giving us Lasting Peace, which is only found in his presence.

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