I AM the Bread From Heaven

I AM the Bread From Heaven

John 6:35-40


Bread is the most essential for survival and is available for everyone whether one is rich or poor.

Jesus identifies himself as this bread and says “I AM the bread of life”, i.e he who created everything and thus is over everything, makes himself as small, simple and little as the humble bread (Phil 2:6-7).

  • Meaning, this Bread-Jesus satisfies and gives us life – “life in abundance” (John 10:10).
  • In the Holy Eucharist we receive this Bread-Jesus  in the form of the BODY and BLOOD of Jesus – food for our soul.
  • All those who come to this Bread-Jesus, and consume him in Faith are ACCEPTED and SATISFIED.

Jesus in the temptation rebuked Satan by saying, ‘Man does not live on  bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God, and here in this passage directs us to the life-saving Word which God gives – Himself. The Word which became Flesh,  and dwelt among us, can also be identified as the Life giving Bread-Jesus. He is the Abba’s Life Giving Word.

Bread is needed for our physical living. The Bread of life that came from Heaven (Jesus) is what gives us everlasting life. By conquering death he makes available Eternal Life for us.

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