Who is it that Will Keep Jesus’ Words?

Who is it that Will Keep Jesus’ Words?


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday
In The Fifth Week Of Easter


John 14: 21-26

In today’s Gospel reading Jesus clearly states that if we want Jesus and the Father to be with us, we need to follow the commandments and keep them and if we love Jesus, the Father will love us and more importantly we need to keep his word which came from the Father.  If we go back to the first chapter of John’s Gospel, it says,

“ In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”, that is Jesus himself and he became flesh and came down to earth.  Jesus is giving courage to his apostles, by promising them that he would send them the helper who is the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God to remind them of all the words that Jesus spoke while on earth and guide and teach them to go continue their mission.

So it is very important that we know the Word and for this we need to read/hear the word daily and meditate on it so that we can live in the Way Jesus desires us to live and thus we will be able to spread his word/essence by our good deeds, words and actions apart from proclaiming the good news.

If we have not begun, let us pray to Jesus to help us open our bibles and make it a habit to read and meditate on it daily.  We pray to the Holy Spirit to guide us during our journey so that the Father and the Son can abide in us.

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