The Peace that JESUS IS

The Peace that JESUS IS

Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday
In The Fifth Week Of Easter


John 14: 27-31a

In today’s gospel Jesus speaks from the depths of his heart, as he often does to his dearest friends. Jesus was soon going to face his Passion and knows how fearful and anxious they will be. He therefore wants his friends to know that he is with them and his Father is with them too. Jesus’ farewell wish is ‘𝙋𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙚!’ his gift of peace is not a state, but a relationship. It is the fruit of deeply abiding in him. It was this peace that enabled the disciples to face disappointment and pain without the overwhelming fear that all is lost.

The peace that Jesus promises is not an escape from trouble – the peace that the world gives – but rather the courage to face it calmly. It can exist side by side in the heart at times of great turmoil and trouble, pain and illness in our lives. It is something internal, not external. It comes from an inner sense of security, of a conviction that God is with us and in us and that we are in the right place. It is something that not even the threat of death can take away.

So imagine today Jesus sitting with you this very moment. See him looking at you with love and you hear him saying to you “I am giving you my peace”. How do you feel? You sit with Jesus for a while, allowing his words to sink into your heart.

Where in your life do you need the peace of Jesus at this moment? Perhaps it’s in a relationship or in your work place or just in your own heart, peace with yourself. Can you talk honestly now to Jesus about your need for peace, asking him to let his peace touch you where you most need it?

Then feel blessed with His peace/presence. Let it make you feel reassured and secure. The peace that Jesus gives, however, is followed by an invitation to get up and go and share that very peace with others.

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